There are a lot of things you will find in your primary email account inbox which you never wanted or needed. How nice it would have been to keep your account free from all such unwanted emails which cause more of annoyance than benefit? To solve this problem there are several disposable and quick email services available and you will find it extremely advantageous to have such 1 Hour Email account in your name. These use and throw or disposable email service is beneficial as you can use it for your temporary need and at the same time hide your permanent email account.

You are not annoyed any more to see unwanted ails in your inbox as these One Hour Email service are valid for an hour or so as the very name of these accounts suggests. These accounts are not only easy to create but also there is no need of worrying as the account gets deleted by the service provider as soon as you log out from it. Therefore, there is no possibility of sending any promotional emails to this account as it will not be valid for longer duration. Albeit there are some service providers as well who create email aliases along with the account which is retained for longer duration to forward emails to your permanent account thus eliminating the chances of annoyance.

There are other advantages of such short or Minute Mail service. There may be times when you want to try out new apps or websites when such email services can act as a boon to you. The signup and verification is quick and you can also create a separate login using your permanent email address if you want to use any website for longer duration. It is best for using time sensitive and trail services. There are some service providers who allow a month long free trail service or some promotional offers like software websites, video sites and data services and much more.

As per your requirement you can use this Quick Email service to sign up, subscribe or like a post, comment, services or product and sign out. It is also useful to post ratings, reviews of any business or hotels and you can also post multiple reviews by using temporary email service every day. It is the best tool for the privacy of your permanent account as well as spam control. This way you can avoid continuous and unwanted emails, newsletters, promotional offers which you do not want and also protect your identity. Organization of emails is better done by filtering the mails by your aliases to a separate folder.

You can stay anonymous by choosing a unique name for an email address for sending mails. This way you can sign up with various online vendors, newsletters of your choice, mailing list and several other services on the internet without revealing your identity. These services are also useful for voting and survey sites, question and answer, automation and testing siteswhere you can bypass the IP address and cookies restriction.


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